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R.T. is a Chicago band

Indie folk-rock. Catchy melodies with dark overtones. Love songs.

R.T. just released their debut album: Midnight Rain

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Who is R.T.?

R.T. band photo

About R.T.

R.T. is an folk-rock band from Chicago. R.T. consists of two gentleman, Adam and Josh. Adam writes the songs/sings leads vocals and then Josh makes them lovely with his string bass/additional vocals. R.T. just released their debut album, Midnight Rain – beautiful, foot-tapping, heartbreaking.

Band members: Adam & Josh

Adam: Piano/guitar/vocals. A Michigan boy. Songwriter, biker, falsetto-er.
Josh: String bass/vocals. A North Dakota lad. Classical music recording engineer, composer, all around good guy.

Band facts

Instruments: Piano & Bass

Or guitar & bass. Or guitar. Venn diagrams need not apply.

Fave song

All These Feelings. Such a joy to sing, this one.

What’s next

Doo-wop? Maybe some country-western?

What does R.T. stand for?

Southern goodness: Adam’s grandpa’s name.

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